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m apnea and if left untreated, they are at risk of a lifetime of bad behavior trai

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imal school performance, a▓nd other ailments that would negatively impa▓ct their lives.Talking to expertsDr. Gozal visited Beijing to deliver a presentation at the 6th annual A▓sian Pediatric Conference and spoke with▓ CCTV.com Panview

on Saturday.He was joined b▓y Xu Zhifei, chief physician of Beijing Children’s Hospital Sleep Ce▓nter. They discussed their experiences of treating sleep apnea in children."A▓bout 20 years ago when I was at Tulane Universit

y in New▓ Orleans, I was doing research about seemingly healthy infants dying in their sleep, sudden infant death syndrome," said Dr. Gozal. "▓but in my sleep clinics, parents kept coming beca▓use of their child snoring and restless sleep and woul▓d tell me how happy they were after tre▓atment. So, I wanted to t

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ake a deeper look into it and began learning more deeply about sleep apnea."Dr. Gozal then conducted a study by asking 1st▓ Grade teachers in the local area to identify their two students of poorest perfor▓mance and se

nd them to him. He had 300 students tested durin▓g their sleep and discovered the failing students were nine time

s more likely to suffer from sl▓eep apnea.Treatment with positive resultsDr. G▓ozal set up a treatment program. He noticed that the stude▓nts who had stopped snoring and whose sleep apnea was better could enjoy restorative sleep and began to improve both acad

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emically and behaviorally."The results were amazing," Dr. Gozal said. "And I wanted▓ to make it my life's mission to conduct studies on ▓sleep apnea and to bring this message out to the public."He said when children are di

agnosed with s▓leep apnea and treated, their learning and behavior problems can be "reversed." The sooner they are diagnosed and treated the be▓tter.Studies indicate that 1-3 percent of all children strug

gle with severe sleep ▓apnea cases, while another 10-12 percent have mild▓ forms. Asian children are more likely to have sleep apnea, since their cran

ity, sub-opt

ial and▓ facial features make them more susceptible to it.Search for

curesThere are effective procedures to treat childhood sleep apnea. In milder forms, Dr. Go▓zal recommends the use of steroidal nasal sprays and oral anti-inflammatory medic▓ines that are readily available,

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